The Battle of the Bulge (Diet Plans)

I have been thinking about losing weight so this summer I can look like my “old” self (the way I looked a few years ago before all the weight gain). Back then I was lifting weights regularly, watching what I eat, and even thinking about competing in some kind of physique competition.

Well, time and high calories have affected the way I look. I started working long hours, had a few kids, and there you have it–I started to develop the “dad bod” instead of a hot bod. My wife hasn’t really complained, but I just don’t feel as energetic as I used to. And I’m getting tired of having to buy bigger and bigger clothes.

One of the problems is I’m a “type A,” impatient person. Most of the diets I’ve done before take several weeks before you really start to notice any significant physical change. But I’m thinking about taking a “crash diet” approach to my weight–at least to get things started. I found this explanation of the 3 week diet while searching various weight loss methods. It looks like it will be really helpful for me because you can lose a good bit of weight in just . . . you guessed it–3 weeks.

What I hope to accomplish

There’s another thing that’s motivating me to do this style of diet: a high school reunion. I’m coming up on my 10-year reunion soon and I’d kind of like to look my best. I’m not exactly trying to impress everyone, but I’d like my external appearance to match the discipline and success I’ve enjoyed in other aspects of my life.

The interesting thing about this diet is it is designed to help me maximize my fat loss while preserving my muscle mass. I really like this idea because I used to have a pretty good build. I still do to a certain extent, and I plan to really get back into the gym soon after I finish this 3 week phase. I want to rebuild my muscle and strength back to where it used to be. I will rebuild that slowly while continuing to whittle away at my ample fat stores.

First things first: I will start off by giving this crash diet plan a try and see if I can’t get this whole transformation started with some serious momentum.